RockIt Rubber HE-01 (Hard Enduro Super Soft) 140/80 18 is currenlty being tested in South African Enduro Conditions. The rubber compound molecular structure has been carefully modified to offer maximum grip in technical rocky outcrops as well as wet conditions on hard surfaces. The super soft compound was selected to provide maximum hysteresis force which equates to maximum traction and RockIt performance.


Tread Pattern:


The HE-01 tread pattern was designed to meet FIM Enduro Specifications. The medium knobbly spacing offers maximum grip due to increased contact area on all surfaces while still complying to the strict FIM specification. The HE-01 also features a self-cleaning design which has proven to be very effective in muddy conditions during RockIt Rubber’s R&D testing.


Ply Rating:


The HE-01 has been manufactured with a low ply rating to give the tyre carcass maximum flexibility which provides maximum low speed traction in technical sections. A flexible carcass allows the tread maximum surface footprint to prevent wheel spin. RockIt Rubber recommends the use of a soft mousse with the HE-01 either a 140/80 18 or 120/100 18 size. The 120/100 18 size mousse fitted to 140/80 18 HE-01 tyre allows more room for carcass flex.




RockIt Rubber has selected the 140/80 18 for the HE-01 rear as the width provides optimum tyre footprint which allows maximum traction in all hard enduro environments. The 140/80 18 size is also in-line with FIM regulations.

HE-01 140/80 18

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